Girl Culture Films addresses the surging demand in the commercial advertising world with A-list female and gender non-conforming directors who bring world-class storytelling, authentic voices, and diverse perspectives to the table.

Playtex Clean Comfort

Juliana Curi

Teleflora The Role of a Lifetime

Barbara Kopple

Cracker Jills Normani

Ro Haber

Hertility I Am Hormonal

Liz Unna

WhatsApp Doubt Delivered

Lauren Greenfield

Indeed We Help You Hire

Elegance Bratton

#WhatSheSeesMatters PSA

Lauren Greenfield

US Bank Open

Lauren Greenfield


Claire Edmondson


Liz Unna

Equality Can’t Wait Natasha Lyonne

Case Studies

Always #LikeAGirl

Lauren Greenfield

Sky Sport

Jackie and Madeleine

John Lewis: Good Trouble Trailer

Dawn Porter

30 for 30: LANCE ESPN

Marina Zenovich

The Breaker Upperers Trailer

Jackie and Madeleine

Strong Island Trailer

Girl Culture

Lauren Greenfield


Love Fraud Trailer

Heidi Ewing

One Child Nation Trailer

Nanfu Wang

Imelda Marcos, The Kingmaker

The Kingmaker Trailer

Lauren Greenfield

The focus of this project is on the historically nomadic communities – English and Irish Travellers. Systematically excluded and ostracised, they were forced by the state to abandon their traditional lifestyle and culture. Annual horse fairs held all over Ireland and England are a way to celebrate their roots and give Travellers a chance to spend some time with friends and family. This project explores what it means to be a Traveller in a modern society. Annalise, Appleby.

Tori Ferenc


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