Generation WealthDocumentary

Twenty-five years in the making and global in scope, Generation Wealth is Lauren Greenfield’s extraordinary multi-platform visual history of our growing obsession with wealth.

Through Greenfield’s lens and riveting interviews, we bear witness to the global boom-and-bust economy—from Los Angeles to Moscow, Dubai, China, and beyond—and its complicated consequences as she documents how we export the values of materialism, celebrity culture, and social status to every corner of the world. We hear the stories of students, single parents, and families overwhelmed by crushing debt, yet determined to purchase luxury houses, cars, and clothing. We travel to the homes and observe the rituals of the international elite—from Bel-Air to Monaco—and gain intimate access into the lives of those who rose to extraordinary wealth and then lost “big” during the global economic crash of 2008. We encounter the A-list celebrities we follow on reality TV and social media, the same influencers who shape our consumer desires and sense of self. The result is an epic, multi-platform narrative that has been experienced by millions through a touring museum exhibition (“Generation Wealth” will open at the Multimedia Museum Art in Moscow on April 26th, 2021), a best-selling and award-winning monograph published by Phaidon, and the critically acclaimed feature-length documentary Generation Wealth, globally released by Amazon Studios in 2018.

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Lauren Greenfield: Generation Wealth monograph (Phaidon 2017)

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“(Greenfield) binds the film’s far-flung concerns before coming to rest on a spot she’s been aiming at all along: Love matters more than money.” —The New York Times

Lauren Greenfield is an “all-around wonder woman,” and the movie is one of the best “kick-ass, female-led films to watch this year.” —Elle

“Greenfield is onto something in this unexpectedly personal documentary…. She makes a compelling argument for a society on the brink of a precipitous decline.” —Variety

“This body of work is extraordinary, fascinating, and an almost anthropological look at the ways in which wealth and status are ­displayed.” —Library Journal

“A staggering indictment of materialism.”—Smithsonian Magazine

“At its best, Greenfield’s work provides a shocking, rigorous, and needed visual language for society’s worst excesses. A decade ago, to visit this world might have seemed like cultural anthropology. It might even have been an optional exercise. Today, in the age of Donald, Melania, and the Mnuchins, it is a necessary, even captivating, task—if, at times, a repulsive one.”—New York Review of Books

“The Photographer Holding Up a Mirror to the Super-Rich,” -Hyperallergic

“Don’t Be Fooled: ‘Generation Wealth’ Is More About Wanting Than Having,” -NPR




Distributor: Amazon Studios
Year: 2018
Producer: Frank Evers
Cinematographers: Robert Chappell, Lauren Greenfield, Shana Hagan, Jerry Risius, Lars Skree
Editors: Victor Livingston, Dan Marks, Aaron Wickenden, Michelle Witten.