Juliana Curi

Juliana Curi is a Brazilian-Latinx Film Director and Visual Artist recognized for portraying  bodies and cultures that defy the hegemonic narrative and to create powerful underrepresented stories.

Deeply influenced by decolonial and social cinema schools, she graduated in Journalism, and began her career in the creative department of MTV Brazil, developing social awareness campaigns for subjects like HIV, Politics and Climate Justice focused on Brazilian youth.

Since then Juliana was UN Woman Award winner with the P&GCampaign as the best commercial in Latin America that defies gender stereotypes, 2020 Bric Brooklyn Film+TV Resident, part of the board of supporters and director of the launching campaign of More Grls, the first roadmap to female talent in Brazil which aims to fight gender inequality.

Her extensive knowledge of socio-cultural impact narratives are a solid foundation for her unique style, having done projects dealing with gender, diversity and real beauty for industry heavy-hitters such as Facebook, Mastercard, Visa, Avon, Dove as well as expressive works on the visual arts territory like Pink Intervention Exhibition at Spotte Art NY and Artsy and The Battle of the Body at Centro Cultural São Paulo (São Paulo Cultural Center).

In addition, Juliana is the founder of Mombak, a free mentoring project that aims to insert and promote professional strengthening of young black, indigenous, LGBTQIAP+, and female filmmakers, prioritizing peripheral communities and regions of socioeconomic vulnerability in Brazil.