Liz Unna

Liz Unna is an award-winning commercials and documentary director.

She grew up between Santa Fe and Brussels, went to university in Montreal, moved to Rome for a few years and now lives in London.

After starting out at Discovery Channel and then Channel 4 in the UK, she now directs commercials and short films for numerous clients across the world, with a focus on work that honour’s women and their stories. Whether the topic is war reportage or self-care, she elicits emotive and authentic performances from her subjects, and always seeks to find the point where heightened cinematography meets truth…  Clients include Estée Lauder, American Airlines, Marks and Spencer, Age UK, the NSPCC, Google, Dove, Microsoft, Volkswagen.

Liz has just finished a feature documentary about independent watchmakers and our relationship with time, and is developing a feature script which explores the tender awful time in a young girl’s life when she emerges into adulthood.

Liz is repped by Creators Inc in London and Girl Culture in LA.