Liz Unna

Liz’s interest in film directing came from an early passion for listening to people’s stories. She would write them down in little notebooks as a young girl and draw pictures to illustrate their words. An eclectic childhood growing up between Santa Fe and Brussels fed her wanderlust, and she moved to Montreal at 18 to attend McGill. She then moved to Rome for a few years and now lives in London with her family. 

She cut her teeth in the Creative Services department at the Discovery Channel. She moved to Channel 4 as Creative Director of FilmFour, and subsequently of More4 when it launched, overseeing all of its on-air identity and scooping several D&AD awards along the way.

She now directs documentaries, commercials and short films for numerous clients in Europe and the US, with a focus on work that honors women and their stories. Whether the topic is beauty, self-care, lingerie or war reportage, she elicits emotive and authentic performances from her subjects, and always seeks to find the point where heightened cinematography meets truth. Her poignant documentaries and stirring drama work shine a light on the true nature of her subjects, mesmerizing audiences with their honesty and visual beauty.

Liz is currently making a documentary about watchmakers and how humans use time to navigate their lives, as well as developing a feature script which explores the tender awful time in a young girl’s life when she emerges into adulthood.