Lauren Greenfield Directs New WhatsApp Campaign: an Inquiry into Messaging Privacy


Working with acclaimed filmmaker and Girl Culture Films co-founder Lauren Greenfield, WhatsApp and BBDO San Francisco have teamed up to create Doubt Delivered, a documentary-style social experiment that implores participants and viewers alike to challenge their views on data security.

As WhatsApp furthers its mission to protect its users’ messaging data, Greenfield delivers a comedic yet authentic story about the seriousness of messaging security through capturing real US citizens’ reactions to receiving opened letters & packages from a fictional mailman. Door-to-door reactions of real people are captured through a mix of hidden camera and documentary style filming as they come face to face with the clear violation of their messaging privacy.

“The primary quandary,” Greenfield notes, “was to figure out how to capture candid reactions from people about how they would feel if their mail was delivered ‘opened’…we cast an improv comedian Tim Stoltenberg who was not recognizable to the people who answered the door, but who had an incredible ability to riff, spar, deflect, disarm, and ultimately communicate the connection between the open mail he was delivering and the texts they were sending everyday.”

The campaign launched on January 30 2022. Read more on Muse by Clio, Bloomberg, and AdAge, and watch the commercial here.



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