Roku Channel Premieres Marina Zenovich’s Powerful series ‘What Happens in Hollywood”


“What Happens In Hollywood” is a candid 10-part docuseries that examines Hollywood’s role in framing society’s overall view of sex and sexuality.  The series features forthright interviews with industry insiders including Robin Wright, Helen Hunt, Michelle Rodriguez, Minnie Driver, interviewed on a sound stage during the pandemic between June 2020 and October 2020. 

‘“This series was being made at a time of reckoning, in terms of race, sexuality and equality,” says Zenovich. “That was what we were riding on. And everyone was stuck at home. So people who wanted to talk, they really had something. So I didn’t have to talk Robin Wright into it. She just said, “Yes.””’ Read more about What Happens in Hollywood in Variety, and watch the 10-part docuseries on the Roku Channel.




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